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Terraces, meadows, ponds and fountains , fences and much more.

All your wishes matter to us.

  • Before we design your project, we will take into account your wishes, the location, as well as the style that fits best with the architecture of your house.
  • The diversity of these elements allows using various materials.
  • The budget of such landscaping work can be significantly reduced if the garden is thought through before the earthworks begin.

Virtual tour of a garden


Whether of wood, stone or concrete, the terrace is an important element of your garden.
Careful execution and listening to what our customers have to say are a must.

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  • Pin

  • Terrasse 11

  • Terrasse En Meleze 01

  • Terrasse En Meleze 02

  • Terrasse En Meleze 03

  • Terrasse En Pin 01

  • Terrasse En Pin 02

  • Terrasse En Pin 03

  • Terrasse En Pin 04

  • Terrasse En Pin

  • Terrasse Et Etang Pierre St Leonard En Opus

  • Terrasse Pierre De St Leonard En Opus

  • Terrasse Pierre Naturelle Pose Opus Incertum 01

  • Terrasse Pierre Naturelle Pose Opus Incertum 02

  • Terrasse Pierre Naturelle Pose Opus Incertum 03

  • Terrasse Pierre Naturelle Pose Reguliere


    Sown lawn, flowered meadows or turf rolls.
    For a quality result, we take care of the watering until the first cut.
    Various treatments, thatching, repairing damaged areas of your lawn are part of our services.


      To facilitate maintenance and ensure a green garden during extended absences, Jardin Alpin offers automatic watering systems.


        Wooden or wire, rustic or classical, we will help you find the solution that answers your needs and your desires.


          Rip rap walls, gabion baskets, dry stone walls, precasted elements, wood or Terramur, we build all kinds of walls.


            Stone, wood, concrete